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Roof repair

Repair of a roof that has been damaged by the wind in the Greater Houston Area

The experts at Above All Roofing & Construction may suggest a complete roof repair to address the most pressing issues. Our skilled team can carry out roof repairs that may prolong your roof’s lifespan and resolve minor problems before they escalate.

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We specialize in wind damage repair

Do you need roof repair as a result of wind damage? It’s not uncommon for roofs to be affected by strong winds. In some cases, winds can be so severe that they blow away shingles, leaving the roof exposed to the elements. During a storm, strong winds can even sweep away the crucial weather barrier, causing significant damage if not repaired promptly. The initial step is to assess the extent of the damage, which is where our experts can help!

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Inspect Your Roof for Wind Damage

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If you reside in Sugar Land and have a wind-damaged roof, prompt treatment is necessary to prevent more extensive and expensive repairs. It is recommended that homeowners regularly check their roofing system for damage to avoid severe problems. Special attention should be given to the roof’s structure.

Inspect your yard or grass for shingles or tiles that may have blown off the roof. Climb up to the top of the roof to have a brief look for cracks or missing shingles. If you notice any damage, particularly to major sections of the roof, it’s critical to contact an expert to fix it. In the meantime, a tarp should be placed over any damaged areas until a professional roofing repair company arrives to restore them.

Homeowners should also examine their properties for any signs of leaks caused by wind damage. Check the floor near the roof or the ceiling for evidence of water damage. Stains or colorful patches on the ceiling usually indicate roof damage that has resulted in water seepage, which should be addressed promptly.

Don’t procrastinate repairing your wind-damaged roof any longer.

Minor wind damage is usually a quick fix and does not cost much. Our experienced roof repair and installation professionals offer excellent wind damage repair, regardless of the roof type.

If you suspect that your roof has been damaged by wind, call us right away. We have the equipment and expertise to inspect your roof for damage. After the damage has been assessed, we will provide you with a solution that is usually a permanent fix, saving you money in the long run. However, more extensive damage may require costly repairs that should be completed as soon as possible to avoid future damage.

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Installing and maintaining roofs in Southeast Texas can be challenging, especially during the hot summer months when high winds, heavy rainfall, and hailstorms can take a toll on your roof. At Above All Roofing & Construction, our expert roofers are committed to providing you with the highest quality roof, using only the finest materials.

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Receive a $200 referral fee when someone you refer to us gets a full roof replacement through our company.

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Receive $200 for your referral

Receive a $200 referral fee when someone you refer to us gets a full roof replacement through our company.

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